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Commercial Gate Operators

Swinging Gates


The LA500 gate operator is a 24VDC linear actuator rated for gates up to 18 feet or 1600 lbs. This UL listed actuator with battery backup is used for light commercial applications such as heavy community entry gates and security gates. Features include an encrypted signal to safeguard property access, safety reversing for detected obstructions. Additional options include a quick close feature to prevent unauthorized access and business connectivity for monitoring; the unit is solar-ready.

Sliding Gates


For high-traffic, heavy-duty applications, this UL listed operator is a reliable chain-driven system rated for gates up to 50 feet and 1500 lbs. Features include battery backup, gate safety sensors, manual disconnect, fire door compliance, encrypted signal to safeguard property access, and quick close feature. Additional options include business connectivity; the unit is solar-ready.